Honors Global Challenges & Solutions (HGLO) Program Overview

Formerly known as Honors Global Communities, the HGLO Program offers students a unique opportunity to adopt a global framework of understanding and to deeply engage with contemporary global affairs and issues. Through the dual lenses of social science and data science, HGLO empowers students to understand, analyze, and address major global challenges.

Our program integrates multiple social science fields and analytical methods, fostering not only deep understanding but also an ethos of global accountability, interrelation, and social justice. In addition to specialized courses led by distinguished faculty, HGLO students have the opportunity to pursue original research on specific global topics, as well as engage in internships and study abroad experiences focused on global public service.

A central tenet of HGLO is our commitment to fostering an inclusive and interculturally-conscious community. This commitment is reflected in our course content, co-curricular programming, and everyday interactions. We strive to build connections within our program, across campus, throughout the Maryland/DC region, and on a national and global scale.