Academic Policies 

Students enrolled in the Honors Global Communities Living-Learning Program (HGLO LLP) are required to abide by policies set by the University of Maryland, the Honors College, and the HGLO Program.

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Advising Guide for Incoming 2024 Cohort

Advising Guide for Incoming 2023 Cohort

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Citation Requirements

Students must complete 16 credits to earn the HGLO citation. All HGLO classes must be completed with a “C-” grade or better. Students must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA in order to receive their Honors citation. Per Honors College academic policy, if a student does not have a 3.2 cumulative GPA at the time citation course requirements are completed, they will not earn their citation in that semester, but will be awarded the Honors citation in a future semester if their cumulative GPA raises to 3.2 or above. 

Community Expectations

In addition, we expect that students are good citizens of HGLO. This means that we expect that students will attend talks and participate in events outside the classroom, arranged by HGLO and the Honors College. Sometimes these events occur in the evenings and on weekends. These events are essential to the students’ intellectual and professional development, and provide opportunities to network, make connections with industry professionals, and interact with the larger Honors College community.

Repeat Policy

The Honors College Repeat Course Policy applies to all courses across the Honors College living and learning programs (LLPs).  LLP courses are regularly offered, however, they are cohort-specific and sequential and are not designed for re-enrollment. In rare circumstances (e.g., an acute medical issue), a student may be allowed to repeat a course with the next cohort. HGLO Leadership may grant an exception allowing a course to be repeated in rare, extenuating circumstances after consultation with the Honors College Executive Director. Repeats will only be allowed if HGLO Leadership grants the exception; students may not re-enroll on their own. In the rare event the student is granted an exception and repeats the course, the University Repeat Policy regarding how both final grades will be calculated into the GPA will prevail. There are guidelines regarding GPA calculations based upon when the original course was taken and for how many credits. Students are advised to consult the undergraduate catalog for their matriculation year and meet with an academic advisor for more information. Course catalogs can be accessed on-line via the Office of the Registrar and clicking on Catalog-Undergraduate


HGC follows the University of Maryland's academic policies regarding satisfactory progress in a program of study. Earning a grade lower than a "C-" in any of the HGLO courses will result in a student being dismissed from the program.

HGLO also reserves the right to dismiss a student found in violation of the University's Student Code of Conduct and/or the Code of Academic Integrity. The Honors College is an intellectual community that engages high-achieving undergraduates to pursue knowledge in an atmosphere of honesty and trust. Students found responsible for a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity by the Student Honor Council, receiving an "XF" or worse, will be dismissed from the Honors College, including their living-learning program. Students dismissed from HGLO will also be removed from the program’s housing list and may not be eligible to live in Dorchester Hall in future semesters.

Students will be officially dismissed from HGLO if they have not made adequate attempts to complete HGLO program requirements. After students reach their third year and have not made adequate attempts to complete the citation by raising their GPA to the 3.2 minimum and/or finishing the total 16 credit requirement they will enter a two-semester probationary period. Junior and senior students who are not working towards finishing the citation after two consecutive semesters will be withdrawn from the program. An exception will be made for students who stay in contact with the program staff and are committed to finishing the citation. Exceptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 


Students may withdraw from HGLO at any time. When a student has determined that it is necessary to withdraw from the program the student should:

  • Contact HGLO Leadership in writing.

  • Withdraw from all registered HGLO courses

Students who withdraw from the University of Maryland are automatically withdrawn from HGLO LLP.


Students who either withdraw from the University of Maryland or transfer to another institution are also withdrawn from HGLO LLP. If a student withdraws or transfers to another institution but then re-enrolls at the University of Maryland in a future semester, the student is not eligible to return to HGLO LLP. 

Students who take a leave of absence from the university in good standing may return to HGLO LLP upon their return to the University of Maryland. Depending on the timing of the leave of absence students may need to rejoin the program in a later cohort and housing in Dorchester Hall may not be guaranteed. All reinstatement requests are reviewed by HGLO Leadership on a case-by-case basis.


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