All Honors Global Communities participants are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the program's community. One way of doing this is by actively serving on the Global Communities Student Association (GCSA). GCSA is a student-led group that organizes relevant community-building events and social activities for the HGLO community. GCSA subcommittees include teams dedicated to cultural programming, global service, athletics and recreation, global arts and film, and prospective student outreach.

Students should expect to attend meetings and contribute 15-20 hours per semester to the activities of their GCSA team.

Here is a partial list of recent GCSA programs:

  • Globuddies - a big-little system, so you can have someone to look up to and be a mentor
  • Global Potluck (Fall Semester) - annual potluck meal featuring foods from around the world
  • Cultural Explosion (Spring Semester) - annual multicultural talent show
  • Global Prom (Spring Semester)
  • Karaoke Nights (Fall & Spring Semester)
  • Paint & Sip Nights (Fall Semester)
  • Fundraising Events (Spring Semester)
  • Sports and Recreation (student led) - UMD Intramurals, FIFA video tournament

GCSA is an undergraduate student group recognized by Maryland's Student Org Resource Center (SORC) and from the Student Government Association (SGA).

Follow GCSA activities on their Instagram account: @gcsa.umd


GCSA Global Potluck
GCSA EBoard at the Global Potluck
GCSA Global Potluck
GCSA Global Potluck
GCSA Global Potluck
GCSA Global Potluck
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