The Honors Global Communities (HGLO) is a vital element of the University’s vision for education in the 21st century. We introduce students to the knowledge and skills (intellectual and social) to empower them to take advantage of opportunities and wrestle with challenges related to globalization and data science.

We value diversity—cultural, intellectual, and ideological—and seek to provide a welcoming place where differences can be shared and openly discussed. We aim to provide an integrated experience to help students develop both the hard analytical skills and the global perspective that will enable them to navigate an ever more interconnected and diverse world.


  • Our mission is to develop knowledge of global challenges through scholarship and experience and provide the data science skills to implement solutions. 

Program Outcomes

  • Foster social skills to facilitate engagement and empathy with people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

  • Gain the analytical skills to allow students to be sophisticated consumers and interpreters of real world data.

  • Build an inclusive community to support success in college and in life.

  • Prepare for life and work in an interconnected world.


  • Scholarship: We value an analytical approach to understanding the extent and limits of globalization and to consider just and effective solutions to global problems.

  • Experience: We see real-life experience--on campus, in the surrounding community, and abroad--as a complement to scholarship.

  • Self-Reflection: We encourage students to explore their own identities and cultures within a global context.

  • Community: We promote a welcoming, respectful, diverse, and open-minded community.

Group of global communities sitting with program Director, Dr. Virginia Haufler at the Nataional Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Fountain