Global Communities continues to embark on new and enriching, student-centered experiential endeavors. All funds are appreciated and support programs that align with our mission to learn more about global issues, work cooperatively with people of diverse backgrounds and develop new understanding and skills that strengthen our interconnected world. 
Global Communities Scholarship Fund 

Gifts into the Honors Global Communities Scholarship Fund will be used to provide need-based scholarships to students within the Global Communities program, in particular, to help provide financial assistance to those students completing their Global Experience academic requirement through Internationally-Oriented Internships, Short-term Study Abroad trips, and/or Alternative Breaks/International Service trips.


Global Communities Program Fund 

Gifts to the Honors Global Communities Program are used to provide general operating support to fund the activities and initiatives of the Global Communities program. Through coursework, intercultural/international events, relevant experiences, and a supportive community, the Global Communities program aims to help students develop the global perspective that will enable them to navigate an ever more interdependent and diverse world.

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